Anuroop Vivah Sanstha | Marriage is all about the bride and groom starting their lives together. It’s a ceremony to swear by partners to be together, loved and always together. That’s what makes family and friends come together. Many insist that their marriage should be done in a Hindu ceremony.

Celebrities who have gone abroad and married also make this ceremonial wedding there. According to the Indian system, the wedding lasts for four to five days. This includes the first engagement, then turmeric, music, mehndi, the actual wedding, the subsequent puja. Each of these rituals has some significance. Let’s take a look at the significance of these rituals…

Engagement | Anuroop Vivah

After this marriage is fixed, the first ritual is the engagement. This ritual is performed to announce that the son and daughter are married. It is a practice where people from the girl give clothes, cash to the boy as a shagun and put a tilak and tell them that the marriage has been fixed. In this, the boy and the girl celebrate this ritual by wearing rings to each other.

Music | Anuroop Vivah Marathi

Music isn’t going to be for everyone. But these days, most weddings have a concert. Family members, sisters and brothers, friends of the son and daughter, and the actual bride and groom dance to different songs. The ceremony is for wedding guests. The ceremony has a special significance in creating the wedding season.

Haldi | Marathi Marriage

Applying turmeric is another important ritual in Indian rituals. It is said that applying turmeric brightens the color of the face of the bride and groom. In many societies, playing turmeric is of special importance. They wear white clothes and apply a large amount of turmeric to each other. Applying turmeric is believed to have started with wedding rituals.

Mehndi | Marathi

Marriage is mehendi. Mehndi in the name of your future partner is also of special importance in the Indian wedding system. This ritual is of special importance to the girl. There is also a program to fill the bangles after removing the mehndi.


In this, there are rituals like taking saptapadi i.e. seven rounds, kanyadaan, sunmukha, mangalsutra and applying kunku. These rituals have a special significance in marrying in the Hindu way. After this ritual, it is announced that the real marriage took place. A reception is also held after that. | Anuroop Vivah Sanstha