Bengali Matrimony | India is a country where every religion and culture is seen. This is the reason why Indian weddings are very different, where different customs and rituals are seen. Because of this, discussions of Indian weddings take place even abroad. Actually, marriage in India is a relationship where not only the boy and the girl but the whole family meets.

This is a relationship that makes weddings even more special. So, let’s know through this article what are the customs of marriage in which state.

Bengali Matrimony

Usually, we get glimpses of Bengali weddings in Bollywood films and TV shows. If you have seen these weddings on TV, then you will also find them very interesting. However, even in real life, Bengali weddings are known for their special customs and traditions. In Bengali weddings, Vridhi Puja is very special. Actually, when the marriage of the boy and the girl is fixed, then the old age puja is kept for them.

In this, the bride and groom remember their ancestors and seek blessings from them for their new life. By the way, the ritual of old rice in a Bengali wedding also has a different meaning. The ritual of old rice coming to the bride’s house is done one night before the wedding. In this ritual, the bride enjoys the last meal of her parents. On this occasion, the bride’s family and close friends dance, sing and celebrate.

Assamese Matrimony

Assamese marriage is very famous due to its simplicity and amazing rituals. The rituals in the Assamese wedding are done in a very simple style. If you have married in Assamese ways, then you must know about the ritual of ‘Juran’. The bride gets many gifts from the family members under this ritual. At the same time, all her female relatives go to the house of the groom’s mother-in-law and there everyone sings the song ‘Biya Naam’.

During this time, all the women who come home are welcomed by the bride’s mother. Also, a vessel called Zorai is used on this occasion and then the groom’s mother comes to the house and gives paan, tambul (betel nut and mewa) and gamusa (white traditional cloth of Assam with red color tightness on it) to the bride. The groom touches all the things given to the bride.