Gujarati people are known for their rich culture, warm welcome, colorful surroundings and hospitality and all these traditions are richly reflected in Gujarati Wedding rituals. All the practices of wedding rituals in Gujarati customs have fun and entertainment.

Pre Wedding Gujarati Wedding Ritual

Chandlo Matli: It is simply the acceptance of wedding in which a red circle is made on the for head of the groom and it is done by the bride’s father and other 4 male persons of her family. Both the families decides the date of marriage on this auspicious day only when shagun is offered to groom as the symbol of love.

Gol Dhana: In the Gujaratai custom, the ring ceremony is called as gol dhana in which jiggery and seeds are distributed among the guests. From the bride’s seed, the groom side receives sweets as well as gifts along with exchange of rings and the couple receives the blessing from both the side.

Mehandi: The most popular wedding function where mehandi is applied on the hands of bride and groom. However, other members of the family especially female ones apply beautiful designs of Heena on their hands.

Sanji/ Sangeet Sandhya: It takes after the completion of Mehandi Ceremony and is greatly enjoyed by family members as full ceremony is filled with dance and songs and tapping the feet in the rhythm of most popular dandiya is amazing and great fun. It generally take place before 1-2 days of wedding function.

Mangal Mahurat: This ceremony is performed separately at both the houses of bride and groom. Both the family offer their prayers to the Lord Ganesha and seek blessings from him to remove all the problems from the marriage and let the marriage become a great success.

Griha Shanti Pooja: Both the side of the groom and bride do this pooja to have peaceful surroundings in their houses.

Pithi: It is just another name of Haldi Ceremony and is popular by the name of Pithi in Gujarati tradition. The ladies of the family make a paste of sandal, turmeric, perfume and rosewater. Thus paste is applied to the body of the bride on the day of wedding in the morning.

Mameru/ Mosallu: In this beautiful ceremony, the bride’s uncle from mother side offers gifts and love to bride in the form of jewellery, bangles and sarees.

Jaan: In this beautiful ceremony, when the groom reaches to bride’s house, his mother in law pulls his nose and he shows his respect to him.

Wedding Ritual

Baarat: The groom take his family and other friend for lagan and before leaving for wedding, his sister wave a silver coin which is wrapped in soft cloth on his forehead which assumes to protect the groom from the evils.

Garland Ceremony: Bride and groom exchanges beautiful garland of flowers which are made up of roses, tulips etc. During the ceremony, both the side pick the bride and groom higher and higher and enjoy the ceremony.

Antarpaat and Kanyadaan: Maternal Uncle of Bride takes her to the lagan mandap where bride’s father will give her hand in the hands of the groom.