One of the most important events in the life of a person that is believed to be a new life’s beginning is marriage. This marks for a lifetime bond between the girl and boy after which they live together as partners for life. Therefore, before entering in this relation, people seek the advice of a learned astrologer who can provide accurate predictions. In Telugu culture, horoscope analysis with the help of an experienced astrologer is considered important so that any probable problems in the future married life could be avoided. In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, the Dashakuta method of matching compatibility for marriage is widely popular.

Marriage is not just the association of two people but it connects two families. This decision highly impacts the luck of a person. If someone is able to find a perfect life partner then his life becomes happy and contented and he enjoys good luck. On the other hand, marrying with someone who is not a right partner can destroy the whole life. For this reason, marital life is analyzed in Telugu culture with the help of DashaKuta process so as to find whether the two people are compatible or not. This calls for the advice from a knowledgeable astrologer who can analyze all the related factors properly for marriage.

The Nakshatra and Rashi of the couple form the basis of compatibility check for marriage. Analysis of horoscope is considered as the best option through which marriage related decision could be taken avoiding the problems. The birth details of both girl and boy are considered by the astrologers and based on this, the compatibility factors are analyzed. The planetary positions in horoscope have impact on the life of a person. If favorable, these can take the life to new heights otherwise the person might face several difficulties. Same is true for marriage as well. The results of kuta matching in Telugu culture predict whether the association can result in a fruitful and happy married life or not.

There are several points based on which compatibility is predicted by the astrologers such as: BhuktiPontana, VashyaPontana, GanaPontana, Yoni Pontana, Varna Pontana, NaadiPontana, Tara Pontana, GrahaPontana, RasiPontana, PanchabhootaPontana, JantuPontana, Jatakadosha etc. These factors points to health, objective, affection, behavior, happiness, understanding, adjustment, satisfaction etc. between the couple. Compatibility score calculated based on these factors helps to determine whether the decision of marriage is correct or not.

With the help of astrology, the probable problems in the forthcoming married life could be avoided. For this, the remedies and practical solutions advised by the learned astrologers must be followed. The partners can lead a happy and prosperous married life if these important factors are considered at the time of marriage. Astrology therefore holds high importance and in Telugu culture, marriage related decisions are taken on the basis of horoscope matching. This practice is followed in present time as well so as to avoid problems in life. This helps the person to remain free from hassles and enjoy life with his family.