In the life of a person, one of the most important events is wedding ceremony. In this event, several rituals are followed so that the couple could receive blessings of Lord and their new life begins with fortune and good luck. One of the most important factors that is considered for assuring success of marriage is horoscope matching. This holds high significance in the Kannada culture and people in Karnataka consider horoscope matching to be a vital part of marriages.

Astrology plays an important role in the lives of people as it has impact on several factors. Health, education, career, prosperity, family life etc. are influenced by the position of planets and stars in the horoscope of a person. For this reason, people consider to take the advice of learned astrologers before make important plans and decision in their life. Astrologers have the experience in this field with which they can understand the planetary motion and its impact on human life. With this knowledge, they provide people with the advice to take necessary actions in life.

Same is true for marriage as well that marks the beginning of a new phase in the life of a person. This decision is very important in the life of both girl and boy and therefore families take the advice of expert astrologers before coming to any final decision. In Karnataka, the compatibility of girl and boy are checked on the basis of South Indian system of DasaKooth. This serves as the basis of horoscope matching that provides the score of compatibility between the girl and boy. For this purpose, the astrologers consider birth star or Nakshatra of the girl and boy.

For the marriage to be fruitful, it is important that an experienced astrologer match the horoscopes thoroughly. The score of horoscope matching is based on factors such as ascendant’s planetary arrangements, guna/koota matching based on birth star or nakshatra, nine planets and mangaladosha. All these factors are gone through by the astrologer for getting accurate matching score. It is important to take the decision of marriage seriously as this is a matter of life long association. This is the reason why advice of knowledgeable and learned astrologers is taken so that the problems and hurdles could be avoided.

The psychological and physical characteristics of the person could be determined with controlling lagna. It is also believed that the life that an individual leads on this earth is presented by horoscope’s lagna in the way similar to blue print. For a successful marriage, it is important that the emotional, attitudinal, spiritual, mental, physical, intellectual and social levels of the girl and boy match. For this, several principles are followed in Kannada marriages.

All these serve as the basis of assuring whether the couple can lead a prosperous and happy married life together without any hurdle. In spite of modifications in traditions and beliefs of people, astrology and horoscope matching still holds high importance in Kannada culture for marriages. Families prefer to take marriage related decision only after consulting a learned astrologer and follow his advice to take the proceedings further.