India is a culture rich country where several traditions and cultures are followed. Each of these traditions is unique in its own manner and has resemblance with each other as well. Similarly, there are numerous aspects in the Tamil marriage customs. Many of these have similarity with the customs followed in typical Hindu wedding but the rituals followed in Tamil weddings are quite unique and complex as well.

Beginning with astrology:

Horoscope matching of girl and boy is the first step in Tamil weddings similar to any other Indian wedding. Parents begin to look for prospective partner for their children immediately when they start doing jobs after completing their education. For the purpose of finding appropriate match for their children, there horoscopes are made with the help of a learned astrologer. The same is then distributed among the friends and relatives so that on the basis of horoscopes, their suitable match could be found. Horoscope matching holds immense importance in Tamil matrimony. As per the customs of Tamils, the marriage of a boy and girl could not take place if their horoscopes are not matched.

In every Tamilian wedding, whether love or arranged, the custom of horoscope matching is still of prime importance in spite of number of changes in the rituals.

Importance of astrology in Tamil marriages:

In Tamil, the process of studying horoscopes for match making is termed as Porutham. The “guuns” of bride and groom are matched in this process for taking marriage related decisions.

For a happy married life of the couple, 11 things are there that must be matched compulsorily according to Tamil astrology. Kanam, Rasi, Star, Vasiyam, Mahendram, Nadi, Yoni, Rachuchu, Isthirithireekam, Vethai and Rasiyathipathy are included in these 11 things. The match of a boy and girl is considereddecent in case a score of 70% or above is obtained by them based on the above 11 factors. This indicates for a happy married life in future.

A lot about the personality, relationship and compatibility is revealed by Tamil astrology and therefore people look for the advice of learned astrologer. This helps them to take decisions based on proper guidance so that the couple could live happily ever after.

Several things are considered by astrologers to ensure that the couple is compatible and the nuptial could result in favorable outcomes. Along with this, a learned astrologer can also predict auspicious time for marriage after considering the features of would be groom and bride.

For marriages, a significant role is played by horoscope matching and in Tamil Nadu, it holds high importance. This is the reason why before finalizing the wedding, families of both boy and girl take advice from learned astrologers. As per the beliefs in astrology, the destiny of couples is highly influenced the stars and their position in the horoscope.For a happy, prosperous, healthy and problem free married life, people look for the ways through which the event could take place in auspicious time and all the probable problems could be eliminated.