One of the most sacred occasions in Kerala in Hindu culture is marriage. In Malayalee society, the tradition of arranged marriages is prodigious and it still accounts for most of the marriages. In the decision of marriage, astrology match making plays a significant role. For this reason, people search for the services of learned astrologers so that they can decide for the auspicious time in which the ceremony could take place.

In Malayalee culture, there is a high significance of astrology especially for marriages.  During each and every important decision of life, horoscope is considered by Malayalee people and planning for important moments is based on horoscopes. This is based on the birth date of the person and is believed to have influence in every moment of life.  Horoscope matching is therefore considered important for taking marriage related decisions as well. For this, people seek for the services of learned astrologers who can provide proper advice.

Navamsa chakram and rashi chakram are included in the Malayalee horoscope that is based on birth date. The 12 rashis or houses are represented by the 12 boxes consisted in Rashi chakram. The Malayalee horoscope that is based on birth date is interpreted in this way. Certain perspectives in the life of a person are indicated by all of the houses. Accurate horoscope is highly important for proper understanding of all these perspectives.

Horoscope matching holds high importance for taking the decision related to marriage. In Kerala, the horoscopes of girl and boy are matched for checking whether they are compatible or not with each other. This is done to ascertain that their wedding could be auspicious and both of them could lead a happy and prosperous life together.

Traditional matchmaking rituals are followed by people in Kerala for finding a suitable life partner. Parents start looking for a suitable match for their children once they are done with studies and start with their jobs. Along with the factors such as interests, educational qualifications, background of family etc. horoscope matching is also considered for taking the decision of marriage.

Based on the birth time, date of birth and star of birth, horoscopes are prepared and are considered while deciding for marriage. 10 things are there that are checked at the time of horoscope matching of the girl and boy. If the compatibility score turns out to be 8-9 out of 10 then families get ready for the nuptial.

Along with this, astrology holds high importance in other decisions of life as well. The advice of learned astrologers is considered for deciding auspicious time for marriage as well. They calculate the time based on the factors such as position of planets and stars in the horoscope of girl and boy their relative impact on the event of marriage.

There are certain situations in which dosha are resulted due to negative impact of planets. These dosha’s could create problems in the occasion of marriage. For this reason, people take the help and advice of learned astrologers who can provide proper remedies through which the negative impact could be reduced and wedding could take place without any problem.