If anyone goes back in history, he will find the roots of astrology at that time too as people have faith in this discipline for better future. Now the questions arises, what is astrology and how it is used for better future and especially in marriages. Basically, astrology is the discipline in which person establishes a correlation in between events of the earth and astronomical positions of all the planets. There is a common belief that at the time of birth of any person, the positions of Moon, Sun and other planet has lot of influence on the character of person. All these positions of planets decide the destiny of the person.

Speaking of astrology is marriages in Hindu culture is very important as for the purpose of marriages, astrologers are always in loop and acts as consultant. The astrology is used to show why there is delay in marriages in horoscope of female and male and whether the marriage will be successful or not. For example, if Venus and and Lord of Seventh house are not in good positions, then there are chances of late marriages. However, if all these stars are in right house and positions, then there are chances of early marriages. So, this is how it works in Assamese marriages and predicts the things for better future.

Whenever a marriage is finalized, the people goes for match making in astrology and if the kundali of boy and girl matches, only then the marriage will be finalized in Assamese culture. There are total 36 points in Kundali Match in which minimum 18 points should be matched for finalizing the marriage. If score if Kundali Match is low,, then Assamese Hindu Culture does not allow to final the marriage but if score is good, then you can consider the pair of boy and girl for marriage.

In Kundali Marriages, the astrologers see the positions of various planets and then see how many point are matching in the kundalies of boy and girl. Astrology plays an important role in marriages as if moon of the girl is before that of boy, then in the marriage girl will always try to keep distance from the boy as she will think she is being used by the boy only which can create problem in marriages. Therefore, such problem in kundali’s is considered and marriage is not considered.

In astrology Venus is the planet of harmony, love and romance which has direct effect on marriages, therefore position of Venus is always considered during the match making. The Assamese Hindu culture try to see these guna’s through astrology for marriages- Vashya, Varna, Yoni, Gan, GrahaMaitri, Tara, Bhakoot and Nadi.

The Assamese wedding has many rituals and all rituals take place as per the timings and date of astrology. The pre-wedding rituals include JuranDiya and Tel Diya. The date for wedding is also decided as per the positions of Sun, Moon and other planets.