Hindu culture including the Bengalis have trusted and relied upon astrology as their saviour. Most of the people take decisions after consulting astrologers. In such cases marriage is the most crucial decision in the life of a person and Bengalis make sure that matchmaking takes place according to the Kundli. It is everyone’s dream in life to find the right partner and if astrology helps in it then there is no harm. All of us strive for a successful and blissful married life and and astrology acts as the right guidance.

How Astrology helps us To Find Love
Stress free married life will completely depend on the two individuals. Both of them have to work, adjust, understand each other and try to make each other happy. There are no fixed rules for a happy life. Many small things combine to make a huge difference. The role of astrology is in selecting the partner who can eagerly and happily do all this with you.In astrology predictions are made using kundli. A kundli is made using a person’s date of birth, place of birth, name, time of birth etc. With the position of the planets at that time the whole chart is prepared. The kundli helps in making predictions about the person’s personality and future. During fixation of a marriage, Kundli’s of both the bride and groom are matched to check their compatibility. If the personality of the girl and boy don’t match according to the kundlis then it is not a good match. In Bengali culture it is imperative to match the Guna of both the sides before going ahead with the ceremony. Thus matching of guna is the most important criteria.

Astrology in case of Love Marriage
Amongst Bengalis even if the couple is going for love marriage, the Bengali side still prefers to match the kundli’s. Astrology helps in preventing hasty decisions and chooses the personality best for you. If the matching of the Guna is less than eighteen then the couple is not compatible with each other and if the score is between twenty five and thirty two then it’s a good match. If all the thirty two Guna match then it’s a match made in heaven.

Take Help Of Professional priests and astrologers  
Astrology is basically a science more than an art and involves accurate reading of the charts and horoscopes. Unfortunate happenings in one’s life can be prevented by consulting an astrologist. He can suggest pooja’s to prevent any undue event. Most of the well known names in this field are now also present online. One can go through their website to book an appointment. Some of them also play matchmakers to suggest suitable names. They can also prepare kundli’s if they were not prepared earlier. A right consultation can bring a lifetime of happiness and prevent bad luck. So always consult a priest or astrologer before going for the most important decision of our life.