Astrology plays a very crucial role in Hindu culture. Since ancient times Vedic astrology has played an important role in making decisions in our lives. Be it career, family and financial issues or weddings people make sure they consult a priest with knowledge of Kundli to make the wisest decision. A kundli is prepared by an astrologer based on the planetary positions at the time of the birth. Date, time, place of birth is noted down to prepare the charts. The kundli will provide a detailed and accurate account of the personality of a person along with the problems he or she might face. The astrologer will also provide the necessary solutions to overcome the problem.

Since India is a land of various cultures and traditions, each state has its own customs.In India marriage is not an affair between two individuals but the entire families are involved. There are many factors which are taken into consideration for finalising marriage between two families like the reputation of the family, socioeconomic background, educational background, status etc. Thus one can afford to wrong in such decisions and it is here the role of astrology comes into play.

Only and experienced and knowledgable astrologer can prepare the horoscope of an individual. It will contain information regarding the various dosh, Rashi, lagna, guna etc. Minimum of two to three days is required to prepare the kundali.

Matching kundli in Gujarati’s
Amongst Gujarati’s Kundli matching is very important. The families of both the bride and groom match the kundli’s. Most of them aspire to match as many Guna as possible. Each Guna symbolises a factor imperative for a happy marriage. A minimum number of Guna should be matched to increase the chances of a successful marriage. The compatibility of the couple can be judged from the Kundli.This method can also be used to judge the comfort level between any boy or girl. Everyone wants a long, successful and blissful married life. So it is better to ensure that everything takes place by consulting a priest. A priest can tell in detail the problems a couple might face be it financial issues, health or family problems. He can suggest some pooja and paath to suppress the effect of the evil forces. He can also advice the couple to wear gemstone suitable to their planetary positions.

Bottom services
Now a days most of the famous and renowned priests have their services both online and offline. One can go through websites and mobile apps for making of kundli, matchmaking or simply to seek advice or solution to their problems. Free software’s are also available nowadays for people to match the kundali. Most of the priest also provides their services over telephonic conversations and emails.

A clash free married life is not easy but it is also no impossible to achieve. One can maximize the chances of a prosperous wedding by matching the kundli. Thus one should approach this practice as a science to minimize their problems.