Still in this modern era, the astrology holds an important place in the minds of people and have faith and believe in this ancient system. They have very much believes that astrology can be used in every aspect of life whether it is present, past or future. The people of every region in India use astrology to predict the future and taking precautions for bad things which may happen it the future. In Hindu Culture especially in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar, astrologers are consulted for making important decisions of career, finance and more importantly marriages. Each pre-ritual and post rituals of marriages are fixed on dates after consulting the astrologers and astrologers see the planetary positions to finalize the dates for roka, engagement and marriage in all these states.

Weddings are beautiful celebrations which are planned as per the traditions and customs in the state of Bihar, UP and MP. But the marriages are finalized only after astrologers says that kundali of boy and girl matches and there is dosh of guanas  in it, only then the marriage of boy and girl is considered. The gunas which are considered during the marriages are Yoni, Vashya, Varna, GrahaMaitri, Gan, Bhakoot Tara, and Nadi. For example if Nadi Dosh is found then it is said that they will have problems in marriage and having child, so the marriage will never get finalized. VasyaKoot is used in determining the compatibility in between the girl and boy after marriage and how dedicated relationship is present in between couples. All the planetary positions are taken in to account for compatibility of two people in marriage and if the score is only 2 then the couple is compatible and couple is not found to be compatible with score of 1.

If there is harmony in between the planets of bride and groom, then they will have blissful marriage otherwise they will have strong differences in their marriage life filled with clashes, ego and arguments. Therefore, it is very important that GrahMaitri should be considered, the marriage is finalized only if it scores 5 otherwise astrologers does not prefer the marriage with less than 5. Apart from these, it is also very significant step by astrologers to take BhakootGuna during match making. It is taken to see the prosperity of loving happy marriage life, mutual understanding, good health, happiness and longevity. The planetary positions and rashi’s are under the control of Chandra and it has lot of effect on love aspects of marriage. It is never ignored by the astrologers as it is responsible for the chances of pregnancy and having a baby. The Yoni aspect of match making hold the score of 4 which means of kudali’s of boy and girl are scoring 4 in this, then one can consider the marriage but if not then astrologers say no to marriages.

Thus, we have seen that astrology hold a very important place especially during the marriages and no one carry the Hindu customs in marriages without astrology.