India is a land of diversity with different religions living together in harmony. There are multiple customs and traditions which are followed by the people of this land. Maharashtra is well known for its supremely rich cultural history. It is the land of great warriors. People here believe in Marathi kundli. Help from a priest is taken to prepare a child’s kundli when he or she is born. All the decisions regarding the child and his future is thus shaped according to the words in the kundli.

The importance of kundli is most realized at the time of marriage. A marriage cannot take place without matching kundli’s of both the sides. All the similarities and traits of the bride and groom are studied from the kundli to know if the couple will have a long and smooth matrimonial life. A marriage cannot be solemnised without assuring 100% compatibility thought the kundli. For people who don’t have time to visit a priest or astrologer can now avail their service online. Some of the well established Marathi astrologers have their own websites and answer queries of the clients regarding marriage online.

A kundli can reveal complete personality of a person besides helping him or her to make the correct decisions. One can decide on their career path, know their lucky numbers and stones, get aware of their pros and cons etc.

The importance of astrology in Marathi Hindu marriages is huge. The start of hunt for a lifetime partner starts with making the kundli if does not have one already. Matching the kundli’s of both the sides ensure longevity in a marriage. Most of the kundli’s in Maharashtra are in Marathi language for the convenience of the priests. The kundli is prepared in South Indian style of square along with the twelve planets. Everything in the kundli is placed according to the position of the stars at the time of birth.

There are basically three charts in a kundli namely Rashi, navamsa and Lagna chart.Time tested and proven method of match making is done based in the position of lunar constellations or nakshatra. It is famously known as gun Milaap. There are certain areas which are required to be matched of the both the sides for a marriage to be successful in the long run. More the matching areas, more the compatibility and thus higher the chances of a wonderful married life.

Sometime when there is a graha or dosh in someone’s kundli, a pooja can be performed to resolve the problem. There are various means and ways for surpassing the problems which one can face. All this is possible with the help of kundli. A person’s kundli can give an idea regarding the problems a person might face.  An astrologer can thus suggest ways to solve them effectively.

All the predictions are based on the kundli so make sure you choose a priest with experience and knowledge and enjoy the benefits.