In the Hinduism, the astrology plays a major role in every field especially in marriages. In the Oriya Hindu Culture before finalizing the marriage, the views of astrologers are taken into consideration for making the final decision for marriages. Whenever a boy and a girl decide to tie the knot of marriage, their families always consult the astrologers for the future of marriages. They consider the birth charts of to be groom and to be bride for knowing the positions of their stars like Sun Moon and planets and their effect in the marriage life.

The Oriya Culture is reflected in the rituals of weddings as they are practiced as per the Vedic Hindu rituals and these religious devotions are easily reflected in practices of wedding customs. In Oriya, weddings are popularly known as Bahaghara which take place in afternoon for the people of Brahmin’s whereas wedding of other people take place in evening. The pre-wedding rituals take place as per the dates decided by the astrologers and they decide the final dates and timings for all the functions as per the stars in their kundali.

The planetary dasha’s indicate the important events of life and time at which they take place, most importantly during the marriages these dasha’s are observed. The planetary period of Venus hold the most important effect in someone life for marriages, followed by the position of Jupiter. Apart from these planets, astrologers also consider the VII house of birth chart for predicting the marriages and relationship after marriages. Along with these planets, birth chart also has the position of Mars and affliction of Mars in the birth charts of boys and girls tells whether they should get involve into a relationship or not and take their relationship into next step of marriage. The position of Mars in II, IV, VII, VIII and XII is good for the relationship and marriage as they are afflicted and also reduces the negative effects. However, in any birth chart, if Mars& Venus and Mars& Saturn positions are in conjunction to one another, then surely it will create conflicts in marriages, therefore, astrologers never agree for marriages in such cases.

During the marriage, astrology gives a good idea about the relationship of boy and girl in a marriage by considering planetary influences. Kundali Matching is very important in Oriya culture during the marriages. The astrologers go for matching the Kundali and if Kundali matches only then marriages occurs, otherwise marriages does not take place. Astrologers consider 36 guna’s during the match making and if 18 guna’s are matching in their kundali’s only then marriage can be considered. If guna’s are not matching then marriage will not take place in any condition as match making holds an importance in marriages of Oriya. The astrologers are always considered during the problems in marriages and take the tips from astrologers to overcome their marriage problems. Match making includes deep analysis of positions of Sun, Moon and other planets.