In Assam, weddings are celebrated with enthusiasm and wedding celebrations represents the Assamese culture in the most beautiful way. Assamese weddings are simple and elegant which starts with the tradition Biya, the celebration starts with songs. Some of the wedding rituals of Assamese wedding are presented which will appeal you to attend these marriages and enjoy them.

Juroon: It is a pre wedding ritual in which the bride get lots of pampering with love as well as gifts and mother of the groom come to bride’s house and sings songs which are popular as biyanaam. The groom’s mother gets the warm welcome at bride’s house where mother of bride hold bell metal, xorai in hands. Then, the bride is showered by lots of love and gifts by the groom’s mother. All the gifts like saree, jewellery, trousseau etc will get touched by handsome groom first.

Tel Diya: In this ceremony, the mother in law of bride will put a betel nut on the head of the bride and pour the oil. After that, she will put vermillion which is followed by coconuts, sweets, earthen pots, fishes and all these items are only touched by the bride. Then, she gets blessings from all the family members. This ceremony is also accompanied by the gift from groom’s mother to bride’s mother, a way of showing respect and gratitude towards her for giving her daughter to them.

UlutaJuroon: It is done by the bride’s parents to groom’s place where they will bring gifts along with those one which were given during the ceremony of Juroon except jewellery and make up. All the gifts are equally shared by the bride and groom to form a strong bond of relationship in between both the families.

Pani Tula: Both the families celebrate this ritual separately at their houses. Family members of both the family will visit any pond of water nearby for the purpose of ceremonial bath of bride and groom. Mothers of the couple carry a lighted lamp along with rice, betel nuts, coin and knife. Soon, before the ceremonial bath, both bride and groom receive coin and knife which is tied to their scarf and during the whole wedding they have to carry them.

Nuoni: The bride and the groom gets the ceremonial bath at their homes where they have to sit in between the 4 banana plants and then paste of oil, curd, haldi and urad lentils is applied on the heads of the bride and groom and then washed their heads with sacred water.

DaiyonDiya: It is an interesting one as bride receives the curd from the groom’s side and she eats half of the curd and sent it back to groom and then he eat the remaining half.

Reception: It occurs before the wedding, she dresses beautifully and get seated in stunning bell metal plate along with carrying sauf in her hands to welcome the guests. On the arrival of groom, she changes the clothes and dresses up in wedding attire.

BhoriDhuwa: sister of the bride will wash the feet of groom and her brother will take him inside and after that garland will exchange among bride and groom.