Indian Christian wedding has its own charm and are quite different from our expectations. They also have various pre and post wedding ceremonies like other styles of wedding.

Matchmaking: Matchmaking is selecting the suitable match, just like other communities arrange marriages are quiet pervasive in Christian’s. Once a preferred match is selected, then courtship period offered to girl and boy to know each other. If they both find themselves compatible, then formal proposal happens, mostly from groom’s side.

Engagement: Engagement is one the most important pre wedding event in Indian Christian wedding. After a formal proposal is offered from groom’s side, a date is selected for formal engagement ceremony. It may be a small affair consisting of close relative or may be a big bash. Traditionally groom presents a ring for bride and places it on her left ring finger. The priest is supposed to blessed the ring either at the church or at the engagement place. Nowadays bride also offer ring which groom wears on right ring finger. The engagement is formally announced at the local church.

Bridal shower: Bridal shower is arranged by the bride’s relative and friend after the engagement ceremony. The cousins and friends usually host the party where they play games and shower the bride with gifts. Also bride serve a special cake to the companions where she has hidden the silver thimble and whosoever receives the thimbles is believed to be the one who is getting married next. On this day the bride is supposed to do all her favorite things with her girl mates before she enters in a relationship.

Bachelor Party:  Bachelor’s party is arranged by the groom’s friend to let het him enjoy his last day as a bachelor. In this party usually girls are strictly not allowed.

Welcoming of the bride:  Female relative of the groom visits the bride’s home to present her the attires, jewellery, dry fruits and sweets in the morning of wedding day. The bridal dress is to be blessed by the priest before it is handed over to bride. The brides sets off to the church in the car sent from groom’s side where she is received by the  groom’s family and escorted into the church.

The Wedding Mass:  Proceeding for the actual wedding ceremony, the wedding mass is arranged in which hymns and prayers are performed for the successful life of the new couple and bible is read. Any member of bride or groom’s family can read the bible and then the guest sings the religious carols followed by priest sermons.

The Wedding Vows: After the wedding mass, actual wedding ritual are started  by priest in which he gives short speech on virtues of marriage. The bride and groom takes their wedding vows as instructed by priest.

Solemnizing of the Marriage: Firstly wedding rings are exchanged by bride and groom and then wedding sari is handed over by the groom which bride is supposed to  wear over her head then priest declare them as husband and wife and bless them for their successful life. Now they are supposed to take blessing from their elder family members by holding their hand together.

Reception: After marriage ceremony; couple along with the other relatives and family members moves towards the banquet to attend the reception. There is always a cake cutting ceremony by the bride and groom followed by the grand dinner, dance and DJ.