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BhagyaVivah M 19 Feb 2019

Rajasthani Marriage Rituals

Rajasthani nuptial ceremonies are mesmerizing and their wedding attire, food and jewellery imitates an elite charm. Pre Wedding Rituals Engagement Ceremony: Engagement ceremony is the first and foremost ceremony which is also known as Tilak ceremony. This ceremony usually took place at groom’s house and male members of bride’s family visits groom’s places. It is […]

BhagyaVivah M 19 Feb 2019

Muslim Wedding Rituals

In Muslim Culture weddings are known as Nikah. The Muslim bride and groom are supposed to perform various wedding rituals pre and post marriage. Ishtikhara Ritual:  This is the first and most important ritual in Muslim culture in which religious head of Muslim community come together to pray to Allah and seeks his consent before […]

BhagyaVivah M 19 Feb 2019

Indian Christian Wedding

Indian Christian wedding has its own charm and are quite different from our expectations. They also have various pre and post wedding ceremonies like other styles of wedding. Matchmaking: Matchmaking is selecting the suitable match, just like other communities arrange marriages are quiet pervasive in Christian’s. Once a preferred match is selected, then courtship period offered […]

BhagyaVivah M 19 Feb 2019

Indian Wedding Fashion & Styles

The modern Indian Brides are following the concept of minimalism in their wedding attire as they want stylish splash but with the touch of tasteful elegance instead of boldness. Following minimalism in the Indian Wedding fashion and style will definitely will make you gorgeous and charming bride, everybody will fall in love with your charm […]

BhagyaVivah M 19 Feb 2019

Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage in India

Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage in India is a topic on which everyone has different views and opinions. It just like topic of politics which is never ending. India is a society in which there are many rigid traditions and one of them is love marriage which has never praised by anyone.As in India marriage […]

BhagyaVivah M 19 Feb 2019

Importance of latest fashion style for women’s in India

Fashion has a very deep meaning which varies for every person. Some people consider fashion as latest trends of accessories, clothes or footwear while some think fashion in the context of food with latest cuisines ,lifestyle etc. Fashion a word which is getting fame in every part of the society. Various fashion designers works on […]

BhagyaVivah M 19 Feb 2019

Importance of health and fitness for women’s in India

Health is a very big aspect of women’s life in India. Age is not a factor to remain healthy and fit. A woman of every age is required to remain fit and healthy.In India women’s have to manage various duties so it is very essential that women in India should be fit and healthy. In […]

BhagyaVivah M 19 Feb 2019

Importance of food & entertainment for women’s in India

Food is considered as basic necessity for human beings and animals. Every human earn his livelihood to give basic necessity to him and his family. Food is very much essential for proper working of the body so that our daily routine work can be manage easily. There are many persons on the earth who eat […]


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