Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage in India is a topic on which everyone has different views and opinions. It just like topic of politics which is never ending. India is a society in which there are many rigid traditions and one of them is love marriage which has never praised by anyone.As in India marriage is not considered to be between two people only but it is between two families through which various new relations are created.

In India it is assumed that it is the duty of parents to find a perfect bride and groom for their daughter and son. There is no role of a boy and girl in this. Their parents give them options out of they have to select one. Parents think they are enough mature to find a right perfect partner for their children. Marriage is an important pillar of society.Arrange marriage is this one type in which girl and boy don’t know each other, they come to know each other after their marriage.In India 90% marriages are arrange marriage.

Love marriage is that type of marriage in which groom and bride choose their life partner themselves. Parents have no role in this. Percentage of love marriages is increasing and now days getting acceptance of the society.

When someone ask which one type of marriage is better than no one can tell it correctly. For some love marriages are perfect while for some arrange marriage. Marriage is an institution in which both husband and wife has to maintained proper balance so that marriage works and creates magic in each other life.

A successful marriage is one which has following things;

  1. Mutual Understanding of both partners and both takes decisions mutually.
  2. Finance is not a big issue for both.
  3. Trust each other and no external person can influence them.
  4. Transparency
  5. Respect for each other
  6. Most important both for both ego is not important for their relations.

If life partners have all the stated above things then whether it is love or arrange marriage it will work. No one guarantees in India that arrange marriage can never break. No marriage is perfect it has to be made perfect with proper bonding and adjustments.

There was a time in India when divorces are considered a big sin and if woman is not happy stills she manages to save the marriage even if husband physically or mentally tortured her. But still percentage of arrange marriage success rate is very high. In laws of bride and groom helps a lot to both so that they can adjust and start loving each other.

Proper compatibility is not even in love marriages been partners are choose by each other. Love marriages do fail various times. No marriage is perfect it has to be made perfect with proper bonding and adjustments. It all about the personal experiences of a girl and boy and they can tell for them which one us better.Many think love is better than arrange and vice versa also.