The people living in Orissa believe in simplicity, they are not very show off people, hence their marriages are simple but elegant and is reflected in every way in their wedding. The interesting fact about Oriya Wedding is that mother of the groom does not participate in wedding rituals. The rituals of wedding does not start on the wedding day, they get started much before this special day. The pre wedding rituals starts with the puja of Lord Jagannath.

Pre Wedding rituals

Their simplicity is reflected in wedding as it is a simple affair far away from complexities as well as lavishness.

It marks the starting of wedding rituals where wedding invitation cards are distributed. The first invitation goes to the family lord and it is followed by the invitation to uncle of bride and groom. After that, all other invitations are sent to family members and friends.

JayeeAnukolo is followed by Mangan where on the bride, paste of haldi is applied and then provide her a holy bath. In this ceremony, all the people present in the event applied haldi to the body of bride and offer her blessings of happy married life.

DiyaMangula Puja:
In this celebration, bride visits the temple and offer the Goddess her bangles, saree, sindoor and toe rings. The female barber generally offers all these things to the Goddess.

On the arrival of groom to wedding place with his friends and family members  is known as Barajatri. They arrive at the wedding venue while having lots of fun and dance all along the way.

In this tradition, the bride has holy bath after the arrival of groom at wedding place. On the arrival of the groom, she is informed and the ceremony of holy bath gets started.

Wedding Rituals

The wedding affairs continue with its simplicity , avoiding opulence and extravaganza and modesty is the unique feature of Oriya Wedding.

Kanyadaan Ritual:
On the day of wedding, after completion of all the pre wedding rituals, both the bride and groom are taken to beautifully decorated mandap where the father of the bride will give her daughter’s hand in the hands of the groom and ask him to take care of her for all life.

HaathaGhanti Ritual:
It is an important one as its completion make the marriage complete. In this, both the bride along with groom takes 7 rounds of sacred fire in the environment of enchanting mantras. After this, groom takes his bride to his home.

Post Wedding Ritual

On reaching to the groom’s house, both the bride and groom receives and warm and hearty welcome by family members which is known as Griha-pravesh. The bride enters into the groom’s house for the first time. It is followed by the next post wedding ritual in which the newly wed couple will visit the bride’s house on the 8th day of their marriage and will be treated gently.