The wedding of Tollywood that was much expected i.e. the wedding of Naga Chaitanya and Samantha Ruth Prabhu has taken place on Friday in Goa. The ceremony continued for two days in which customs of both Hindu and Christian wedding were followed by the couple to tie the knot.

The members who attended the wedding included just some close friends and family members of the couple. As per the reports, all the expenses of the guests that will include their accommodation as well as travel have been balanced by the couple. Some special guests who have to fly from Hyderabad to Goa were arranged with a chartered flight.

Destination wedding: earlier, the wedding ceremony’s venue has several speculations associated with it. However, this become clear that the next level of this relationship will be taken by the couple in a fantasy set of wedding that will take place in marvelous milieu of Goa.

Actually, in this big day’s run-up, a camping was on by Chay and Sam for more than a week in which the couple enjoyed every moment. The fans of Sam also got excited for the marriage while her stories on Instagram were revealing the plans of day.

The rituals followed in the wedding: it was noted that the customs of both Christian and Hindu society was followed in the wedding and the rituals from both the communities were given equal space.

On 6th October, the marriage of Samantha and Chaitanya took place according to Hindu rituals making it a Hindu ceremony. The legenfa designed by Kresha Bajaj was worn by Samantha in the Hindu ceremony. People are unaware of the fact that on her engagement day as well, the similar brand was carried by Samantha.

The love story of Chay and Sam was there in the details of this lehenga.

On 7th October, the wedding took place in church in which the Christian rituals were followed by the couple. Her sister has selected the wedding dress of Samantha and the bride was exceptionally excited for the wedding costume. There was excitement regarding the probable outfit of Chaitanya as well.

The glamorous ceremony: there were about 150 invitees in this wedding that took place in two parts. However, there were plans of the couple as well the respective families that for the friends from industry, a grand reception will be given in Hyderabad.

As per the reports, the wedding that took place in Goa was attended by Venkatesh and RanaDaggubati, Ram Charan and Upasanam, his wife and Rahul Ravindran with his wife.

The budget of wedding: as per the reports of Times of India, Rs. 10 crore was the amount to which pegged the wedding budget. Still, the wedding was called as a simple affair by the families of the couple.

Honeymoon: immediately subsequent to the wedding, shooting will be resumed by the couple for the respective films as several upcoming movies have Chaitanya and Samantha as important part. Around the eve of New Year, a vacation will be planned by the couple when they will glide outside the country.

Honeymoon has been planned by the couple in New York. This is the place where they have become part of Ye Maaya Chesave, the first movie of the couple together. In the shooting, several good memories were made by the couple.