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BhagyaVivah M 19 Feb 2019

Kannada Wedding Rituals

The people of Karnataka celebrate their weddings in a simple manner. The rituals are based on tradition and culture rather than [pomp and show. Typically they are two-day affairsand have a lot in common with the ways in which weddings are celebrated in Andhra and Maharashtra. Some of the rituals that take place in a […]

BhagyaVivah M 14 Feb 2019

Astrology and it’s importance in Kannada (Karnataka) Hindu Culture especially in marriages

In the life of a person, one of the most important events is wedding ceremony. In this event, several rituals are followed so that the couple could receive blessings of Lord and their new life begins with fortune and good luck. One of the most important factors that is considered for assuring success of marriage […]


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