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BhagyaVivah M 19 Feb 2019

Gujarati Wedding Rituals

Gujarati people are known for their rich culture, warm welcome, colorful surroundings and hospitality and all these traditions are richly reflected in Gujarati Wedding rituals. All the practices of wedding rituals in Gujarati customs have fun and entertainment. Pre Wedding Gujarati Wedding Ritual Chandlo Matli: It is simply the acceptance of wedding in which a […]

BhagyaVivah M 16 Feb 2019

Astrology and it’s importance in Gujarati (Gujarat) Hindu Culture especially in marriages

Astrology plays a very crucial role in Hindu culture. Since ancient times Vedic astrology has played an important role in making decisions in our lives. Be it career, family and financial issues or weddings people make sure they consult a priest with knowledge of Kundli to make the wisest decision. A kundli is prepared by […]


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