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Bengali Matrimonial

BhagyaVivah M 19 Feb 2019

Bengali Wedding Rituals

A Bengali wedding is a colorful one which is filled many elaborate rituals that are spread over 2 or 3 whole days. The weddings are a celebration of colors and beauty and the rituals have a deep traditional meaning to them. Described below are a few Bengali wedding rituals. Pre-wedding ceremonies Listed below are a […]

BhagyaVivah M 16 Feb 2019

Astrology and it’s importance in Bengali (West Bengal) Hindu Culture especially in marriages

Hindu culture including the Bengalis have trusted and relied upon astrology as their saviour. Most of the people take decisions after consulting astrologers. In such cases marriage is the most crucial decision in the life of a person and Bengalis make sure that matchmaking takes place according to the Kundli. It is everyone’s dream in […]


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